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Premium recipes for September 2021

In the September Premium edition of Elevated…

It’s Curry Club time….

It’s September and with the kids heading back to school and normality seemingly returning, the weather is starting to get chillier and the days shorter. Perfect then for us to introduce our Curry Club month, a series of tasty dishes inspired by India, the surrounding subcontinent and stretching as far as Japan.

To bring these to our members, we’ve produced two new Brilliant Bases, an Indian Gravy and Asian Paste that are simple to make and nutrition packed and can be simply combined with a few other ingredients to create meals from super showcases to simple mid-week meals. They’re also both gluten-free, dairy-free and vegan.

By way of introduction to the flavours used, Jason has written an article that combines the history of curry and the different kinds of spices used, as well as our handy Spice-o-Meter that will let you know if you can take the heat! You can check that out here.

Meanwhile, as we’re constantly looking to Elevate the nutrition profile and functionality of our dishes, James has also written an article on the health benefits of spices – which spices can help you in which ways. You can read that here.

That article is accompanied by a short video in our Kitchen Skills section for members where Jason takes you through spice blends and as we now have so many of them, we’ve also done a quick re-cap on our Brilliant Base recipes. These building blocks are one of the cornerstones of Elevated. Chuck some ingredients into a stockpot on the weekend, separate into portions and use the bases to create super-quick healthy recipes on week days when you are time pushed.

Aside from our two new Brilliant Bases, we have five initial recipes for Curry Club, they are:

From Indonesia: Fabulous lamb rendang

If you’re looking for a show-stopping centrepiece for a dinner party, or a hearty meal over a weekend, this slow-cooked lamb rendang from Indonesia is perfect. Rendang was chosen as one of the most delicious dishes in the world by CNN and Jason has Elevated it in our own special way.

Using four of our Brilliant Bases – Indian Gravy, Asian Paste, Aromatic Nage and Bone Marrow Broth – the rich sauce perfectly complements the caramelised lamb. Ordinarily a beef dish, we’ve used lamb on the bone to help retain the meat’s moisture, while the lamb is packed with both protein and a type of fat, CLA, that can actually help you lose weight!

The UK (and Tom Cruise)’s favourite curry

Using Indian spices imported to the UK, this dish was created here in Britain before being exported back to India and around the world… Chicken Tikka Masala is not only the UK’s favourite curry, but also a staple for Hollywood star Tom Cruise whenever he’s over here according to recent media reports.

As ever, we’ve made this super simple… when your Brilliant Bases are done (remember, these stockpot dishes take minutes to prepare before you allow them to simmer for a few hours), it takes no more than 40 minutes to knock up this curry classic using chicken thighs with the skin and bones removed. Simple delicious and bursting with flavour and nutrition.

The milder one: Korma – two ways

Korma is much maligned by lovers of spicier curries – but that may well be because they’ve not tried one the Elevated way. We’ve subbed out boring old chicken to use either omega-III boosting tiger prawns or protein-packed tofu which, thanks to its phytoestrogen content, is especially helpful for women who are being challenged by fluctuating hormones.
The addition of almonds or cashews in the sauce means this one’s protein content is off the scale, so for those looking to build muscle or power their sporting endeavours, it’s an amazing choice.

Vegan Mushroom Rogan Josh

Take the traditional tomato-based Rogan Josh and swap the fried tomatoes for grilled and you get this lighter version of the tangy favourite. We’ve used chestnut mushrooms here that mean it’s not only vegan, but also high in vitamin D which, along with the vast array of Asian spices, make it perfect as an immune system booster.

From Japan: katsu curry

The Brits spread the curry word to the Japanese and one of their most popular condiments in katsu curry sauce, popularised here in the UK by the Wagamama chain. We’ve come up with our own version, perfect for serving alongside panko-crusted chicken or as a dipping sauce. Using skin-on apples as a sweetener, it is also packed with fibre, vital for gut health.

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