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Nutrition Backed By Science

Spaghetti meal

The backbone of Elevated Food for Life is nutrition. We’re not just talking about weight loss, we’re talking about living a healthy life, where the food you eat allows you and your family to live well.

We are a nutrition focussed recipe subscription. This means all of the recipes we offer are absolutely packed with health-boosting ingredients that will help you live life better. 

We ensure that we use nutrient dense, anti-inflammatory and immune-supporting foods and that there is adequate protein and good fats with every meal. Our recipes are designed to reduce and remove refined sugars and other processed, inflammatory foods and allergens to promote gut and overall health.

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Recipes Grounded In Data, Elevated By Taste

James Ellis, our clinical nutritionist, has a huge amount of experience behind him, and is an expert in the science of eating the right foods to support your body. He develops all of our recipes with our professional chef Jason, to help your body work at its best, and ensure all of our meals are packed full of the nutrients you need to be healthy and live better. 

With all this expertise backing each and every meal, you can ensure you’re feeding yourself and your family with foods that are, quite simply, really good for you.

Elevated Nutrition Arc

How We Elevate Recipes Through Nutrition

There are many different ways you can fortify the food you eat with health-boosting nutrients. One of the concepts we’ve developed is to our Brilliant Base recipes.

These slow-cooked base sauces are great building blocks that make your meals flavoursome and rich, and add super-high nutritional value to recipes.

If you take the example of a slow-cooked daube of beef (ox cheek), you could just add the joint with water and salt and pepper and you’d get a relatively tasty meal.

But, you’re not really achieving a nutritional balance to your meal.

Add in vegetables such as carrots, onions and celery and you begin to bring in more vitamins and minerals. Further up the arc, the addition of garlic and herbs bring in additional benefits: antioxidants and anti-inflammatory agents. Spices and alcohol will provide depth of flavour and additional anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties.

This nutritional arc the foundation of our Brilliant Bases, which helps us to ensure that, with every meal you add them to, you’re guaranteed nutrients, anti-inflammatory agents and antioxidants too.

Oxtail Elevated Recipe

With that in mind, replace the water in your slow cooked ox cheek recipe, and replace the water with our Bone Marrow Broth and there are additional nutrients added as you fast forward fortification. As the broth is slow-cooked, it draws out vitamins and minerals from the vegetables that were used as a trivet and the garlic, herbs and spices that are also added.

The slow cooking of the bones also draws out collagen from the connective tissues and provides gelatine and other health-promoting amino acids (the building blocks of protein) such as glycine and glutamine. Using our bone broth also adds functional benefits to the dish: gelatine helps the smooth transition of food through the gut, while glutamine can help keep the gut lining healthy hence promoting immune function. Collagen, meanwhile, can help with skin elasticity and bone mineral density.

Grass fed cuts can increase beneficial omega 3 fats in the meat, organic will mean fewer chemicals and antibiotics, while the breed of the animal can also alter flavour profile and tenderness of the meat itself.

Add this altogether and you can see why we claim Elevated really is taking your food to new heights – from both a flavour and a functional nutrition point of view.

Start Elevating Your Meals

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Unlock Access to Hundreds of Recipes With Step-by-Step Video Instructions

Rather than just provide you with 100’s of delicious recipes, you get a whole lot more from Elevated. We are a nutrition focussed recipe subscription. This means all of the recipes we offer are absolutely packed with health-boosting ingredients that will help you live life better.