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What Makes Elevated Different?

Why Elevated Recipes For Nutrition

Rather than just provide you with 100’s of delicious recipes, you get a whole lot more from Elevated. 

We are a nutrition focussed recipe subscription. This means all of the recipes we offer are absolutely packed with health-boosting ingredients that will help you live life better. 

We make cooking easier for you with our Brilliant Bases and step-by-step video instructions for every dish alongside loads of useful resources to improve your skills. With our dishes you’ll feel more energised, your gut health will be improved and you can feel like a pro in the kitchen. 

Start Elevating Your Meals

How Does Elevated Work?

We utilise the expertise of clinical nutritionist James and professional chef Jason to create delicious recipes packed full of nutrition built incorporating common foundations like stocks, sauces and doughs to make cooking healthy foods, easier.  Each recipe is accompanied by a guided step-by-step instructional video to make your cooking experience a breeze, improving your kitchen skills, helping you create delicious, nutritious meals and boosting your health. 

Elevated Backed By Science

Nutrition and Science

The backbone of Elevated Food for Life is nutrition. We’re not just talking about weight loss, we’re talking about living a healthy life, where the food you eat allows you and your family to live well. 

To do this, our nutritionist James works with our professional chef Jason to develop nutrient-dense meals that fuel your body in the right way. 

This means our meals help to combat a huge range of diet-related symptoms and illnesses.

If you’re lacking in energy, struggle to sleep, feel bloated regularly, suffer with IBS or even struggle with depression, the Elevated way of living can help you to combat these issues and more. 

Find out more about Nutrition and Science at Elevated

Elevated Brilliant Bases

Brilliant Bases

Our brilliant bases are the cornerstone of our nutritious recipes. When we first conceptualised Elevated, we wanted to increase the nutritional density of our meals, while making it easy for people living busy lives to create something delicious and healthy too. 

And Brilliant Bases were born. 

Combining Jason’s expertise around food production and James’ extensive knowledge on nutritional impact, Brilliant Bases are designed to be batch cooked, so you have a nutritionally-dense base to your meals, which you can cook with at the drop of a hat. 

So, cooking for your family or sticking to a healthy menu each week is suddenly so much more accessible. 

Find out more about our Brilliant Bases

Elevated Recipes

Delicious Recipes

Looking after the health of you and your family doesn’t have to mean boring. 

Every recipe we create not only delivers on nutrient value, it packs in the flavour too. Our range of recipes includes breakfasts, lunches, dinners, snacks and even some ways to elevate your drinks too. 

Our professional chef Jason has worked in a huge range of roles and kitchens, alongside chefs such as Marco Pierre White, Gordon Ramsey and Raymond Blanc so when he builds your recipes, you know it will taste incredible.

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Elevated kitchencraft

Kitchen Craft

At Elevated, we believe cooking delicious and healthy foods is for everyone. 

Which is why we’ve included kitchen craft in our offering. This means that you’ll learn cooking skills from our professional chef, so you can cook like a pro in your own kitchen.

For us, part of living the Elevated lifestyle is making cooking easier, and more accessible, so it doesn’t feel like a chore on a weekday evening. So, you’ll be able to learn all the skills associated with every dish we make, from butchering a chicken to perfectly dicing an onion, we provide step-by-step instructions. 

Not only will this impress at dinner parties, it makes preparing dishes quicker and easier. 

Find out more Kitchen Craft

Elevated Community

Making healthy food, easier

As an Elevated Food For Life Subscriber you get access to 100’s of our nutritious recipes and Kitchencraft videos which you can access at any time via our Members Portal.

You also get access to our exclusive Elevated Community Facebook Group where we share our new recipes, blogs & insights as well as hosting a live Q&A every Friday where you can ask all your recipe and nutrition questions.

We are on hand to answer all your questions and share our passion for cooking and nutrition.

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Should You Elevate Your Diet?

Science has shown time and again that our health is impact by everything we eat. And, if your body isn’t getting the nutrients it needs, it starts to present with the following symptoms:

  • Tiredness and fatigue
  • Poor gut health
  • Inflammation
  • Weight Issues
  • Even Chronic Diseases

So, if the food you’re eating is high in sugar, over-processed and lacking in nutrients, you can expect the above.

This is why we created Elevated. To eat better for ourselves and our families. By elevating our meals and centring everything around nutrition and taste, we live healthier, better lives.

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Unlock Access to Hundreds of Recipes With Step-by-Step Video Instructions

Rather than just provide you with 100’s of delicious recipes, you get a whole lot more from Elevated. We are a nutrition focussed recipe subscription. This means all of the recipes we offer are absolutely packed with health-boosting ingredients that will help you live life better.