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Elevated Kitchen Craft

Elevated Kitchen Craft Garlic

Elevating Your Cooking Skills

Our Kitchen Craft videos are inclusive in our Elevated Subscription with over 50+ instructional videos on preparing ingredients, cooking meals, shopping for the best ingredients, understanding nutrition and much more!

We’re passionate about cooking delicious, nutritious meals here at Elevated, but we know it’s a challenge when you’re busy.

So, we were inspired to think about how we can not only make it easier for you to cook, but to bring back a little joy to your cooking too.

Start Elevating Your Cooking

Bringing Skill and Experience to Your Kitchen

Jason, professional chef with over 30+ years in the hospitality industry, has built up a vast knowledge in working kitchens but we see a massive gap in recipe books or apps that don’t really give you the skills to create delicious dishes quickly and easily.

From hints and tips on how to get the most nutrients out of your foods and cooking each ingredient in the best way, through to knife skills and even organising your kitchen for efficiency, Jason shares some of the industry secrets and prep techniques he’s picked up over the years. 

Piping Bag Kitchen Skills

From Market To Meal

Elevating your cooking still starts at the shops – choosing the best ingredients, at the lowest cost gives you more bang for your buck in the kitchen. And we’re experts at finding a bargain!

When you’re back into the kitchen, organising your layout, selecting the best cooking equipment and preparing your set up can make your cooking experience easier and slicker. Less time spent in the kitchen means more time to relax!

Each ingredient has its own particular way of getting the best flavour by preparation. Our Kitchen Craft videos take a closer look at some of the trickiest ones, to help you feel confident outside of your comfort zone.

Elevated kitchencraft

Making Cooking Easier And Healthier

We add new Kitchen Craft videos every month specific to the recipes we produce, each adding a new feather to your bow.

Our recipes are designed to provide as much nutritional benefit as we can, to be delicious with every bite and to be cooked by anyone.

Our range of Kitchen Craft videos aim to make cooking less intimidating and give you back control of what you eat – All delivered by professional chef Jason Shaw.

Explore Our Kitchen Craft Videos

Elevate your Kitchen Skills with our range of Kitchen Craft instructional videos from Professional Chef Jason Shaw. If you want to unlock all of the Kitchen Craft videos below and the many other videos available too, sign up below.

Start Elevating Your Cooking

Preparing To Cook

Before you get started, we have a number of informative videos and articles on safety, planning and preparation.

Food Safety Kitchen Skills

How To Cook Safely

Cooking amazing meals is great …. but you also need to make sure you are sticking to some basic rules of food safety to make sure everyone is healthy and happy.

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Elevated Guide To Meal Planning

Guide To Meal Planning

Amongst the hustle and bustle, maintaining a healthy diet can often become a challenge. Enter meal planning – transform the way busy people eat, making healthy choices more accessible and sustainable.

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Time Blocking For Cooking

Time Blocking: A Batch Cooking Hack

Surfing the web, arguing, waiting in line, running errands, stressing over things you can’t change— they’re all time-thieves. Here’s how we make cooking quicker!

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Sourcing Your Ingredients

Save time and money by shopping in the right place for the right ingredients. Read our selection of FREE sourcing articles.

Elevated Shopping Tips

Save Money On Your Shopping

With the cost-of-living crisis, food prices are going through the roof – but if you’re careful, you can actually shave hundreds off your annual shopping list.

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Selecting The Right Beef Cut

Buying Guide To Cuts Of Beef

Beef can get a bad rap – which is why we’ve produced this buying guide to cuts of beef and what they can be used for, written by our professional chef, Jason.

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Ingredients For Elevated Food For Life

Substituting ingredients

Unlike baking, cooking offers the chance for those in the kitchen to be more flexible. Missing a couple of ingredients shouldn’t stop you from making one of our recipes.

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Setting Up Your Kitchen

Make sure your kitchen is set up in the most efficient way and that you have the right equipment to do the right job!

How to select a knife

Selecting The Knife For You

Picking the right knife for the job can help reduce frustration with your cooking. In this Kitchen Skills video Jason talks you through three must-have knives that can get you through almost every job.

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Kitchen Skills Equipment

Useful Kitchen Equipment

Famed French chef Auguste Escoffier came up with the first kitchen hierarchy system for staff and also invented some of the original kitchen machinery too. Here Jason takes us through his favourites.

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Elevated Kitchen Skills Organising and Storing ingredients

Kitchen Organisation & Storage

Storing your food is almost as important as the process of cooking it – preservation and safety is paramount. As Jason explains in the video, there are many food containers you can repurpose.

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Working With Core Ingredients

There are some key ingredients that are featured in loads of recipes and working with these in a more efficient way can help you get the most out of them.

Eggs Masterclass Elevated Kitchen Skills

Dicing Onions Like A Pro

Onions are a great addition to most dishes. Not only do they add background flavour but they have a number of health-giving properties. Here’s how you can dice them like a professional.

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Eggs Masterclass Elevated Skills

Mastering Eggs: Part One

Eggs are another nutritional powerhouse, high in protein, good fats and vitamin D. Part 1 of this masterclass focuses on a classic golden omelette and silky smooth scrambled eggs.

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How To Portion A Chicken

How To Portion A Chicken

Chicken is a great, inexpensive source of protein if you are not vegan/vegetarian. In this Kitchen Craft Video, Jason dissects a single bird into three different ‘joints’ for serving: breasts, mini fillets, and legs/drumsticks.

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Elevate Your Health

Unlock Access to Hundreds of Recipes With Step-by-Step Video Instructions

Rather than just provide you with 100’s of delicious recipes, you get a whole lot more from Elevated. We are a nutrition focussed recipe subscription. This means all of the recipes we offer are absolutely packed with health-boosting ingredients that will help you live life better.