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Veg Packed Recipes For The Family

Welcome to our monthly update for our Elevated recipes and this time we turn our attention to a wonderful Summer staple, the broad bean.

A great way to get kids to eat more veg and widen their palates thanks to their resemblance to a garden pea which most children love, they are packed with protein and fibre and bursting with vitamins and minerals.

We’ve done a short video here that explains all about their nutritional properties and what to look for when buying them to add to your recipe arsenal.

First up on the recipe front is this month’s showstopper, chicken bois boudran . A dish that is thought to have originated when famed chef Albert Roux was working in either the British Embassy in Paris or for the Rothschild family.

That original version has many variations, almost all of them using a store-bought ketchup as the tomato constituent. Instead, we’ve used our Tomato Fondue Brilliant Base to Elevate the flavour and nutrition, while serving it with some indulgent pomme fondant potatoes and a simple fricassee of broad beans using our Bone Marrow Broth.

There are a number of ‘wonky’ off cuts from the potatoes using this method and, in an effort not to waste them, we’ve come up with some fabulous spiced potato edges. We’ve also separated out the pomme fondant recipe for subscribers want to do these on their own or with another dish.

Mia’s spiced parsnip parkin  - Elevated Premium Recipes & Cooking Tips

Mia’s spiced parsnip parkin

We love a challenge here at Elevated, so when one of our subscribers, Mia Steele, asked us for a healthy dessert, we couldn’t resist and so Jason came up with this wonderful spiced parsnip parkin (above) – a type of oat-based cake that originates right here in our home county of Yorkshire.

View our Spiced Parsnip Parkin Recipe.

Elevated falafel & Elevated tabuleh

Two more dishes for you this month are our fabulous falafel, made with broad beans instead of chickpeas. Vegan, gluten-free and dairy-free, they are again packed with protein and fibre and taste simply delicious.

We’ve also created our version of tabuleh, the famed Middle Eastern meze salad and taken it to new levels using quinoa instead of buckwheat and running a whole host of vegetables and herbs through them.

We use tomato concasse (a simply way of de-skinning and de-seeding the tomatoes) here and also super fine chopped parsley. For ease, we’ve separated those out into two skills videos so subscribers can brush up on their kitchencraft with chef Jason.

View our falafel recipe & tabuleh recipe.

That’s it for May then… remember, we now have more than 170 recipes, Brilliant Bases and skills tips videos for you, as well as a host of other additional content. If you’d like help using any of it or putting things together, do reach out to us at hello@elevatedfoodforlife.com

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