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Our Premium recipes for July 2022

For our July Recipes selection, we are very proud to welcome our first ever guest chef Marcia Clarke of Abundance Foods Leeds

Marcia’s Caribbean heritage means that this month’s recipes remain true to our Elevated tenants of being simply, easy and super health-giving and one of the reasons for that is the wide range of spices in them.

To give you a better idea of what spices have which properties, James has put together this article detailing the main medicinal qualities of the spices seen in Caribbean cuisine. You can read that here.

benefits of cajun seasoning - Elevated Premium Recipes & Cooking Tips

Caribbean-style fish ‘n’ ‘chips’

First of our recipes this month is a gorgeously light fish ‘n’ chips where the chips are actually fried courgettes. High in protein thanks to the white fish used and served on a bed of quinoa, this is a fabulous choice for lunch or dinner.
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Vegan stuffed pasta shells

Despite being pescatarian most of Marcia’s dishes are actually vegan and this is a great example of how you can create a meat-free dish that is super tasty and with loads of texture. The shells are filled with a mixture of vegan cheese and iron-infused spinach and baked on a base of our very own Elevated Tomato Fondue.

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Raw energy bars

Back when we first started Elevated Food For Life we came up with a baked energy bar that could also be used as a granola. This month Marcia has created her own raw take on an energy bar, perfect for a pick me up in the afternoon or a post workout snack. The kids will love these too.

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The best saucy salsa in town

We’ve also got Marcia’s Saucy Salsa, a super dip that’s ready in minutes, packed with flavour and zing. It can be used as a dip for other recipes, or as a mini meal on its own, pair it with our seeded flatbread crisp (subscribers only)

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That’s it for July Recipes…

Remember, we now have more than 180 recipes, Brilliant Bases and skills tips videos for you, as well as a host of other additional content, including articles on nutrition, lifestyle tips and a regular Ask Us Anything Q&A.

If you’d like help using any of it or putting things together, do reach out to us at hello@elevatedfoodforlife.com

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