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Our premium recipes for July 2021

July Recipes Elevated…

Sun’s out… (burger buns) are out

In the July edition of Elevated Food For Life  we’re taking a look at BBQ Recipes! Jason is a master of his craft when it comes to cooking low ‘n’ slow and those of you who are our neighbours here in rural north Leeds may have tried some of his dishes close hand when he’s cooked at the like of our school fairs and fundraisers.

For those of you who haven’t had the pleasure, you’re in for a treat. For this month’s recipes are nutrition packed, super tasty and as far from a burnt burger and bit of limp lettuce as you can get. James, meanwhile, has come up with some tips to make your BBQ as healthy as possible.

Brilliant Base: Sticky, smoky BBQ sauce recipe

In the US, there are fierce rivalries between states when it comes to who has the best BBQ sauce. We’ve been influenced by some of those battles, but Jason has come up with his own version featuring natural unrefined sugars, a host of fabulous spices and our Brilliant Bases Tomato Fondue and Bone Marrow Broth or Roast Root Vegetable Stock (if you want to make it vegan).

Key to the sauce is the BBQ rub that contains all those fabulous spices. We use that in our amazing Pulled Pork recipe. To get a more authentic flavour, Jason has come up with a super simple hack to create a mini home smoker that won’t cost thousands and adds minutes to the prep time.  There’s also an incredible naughty-but-nice Pork Crackling recipe to go with it.

Veggies can BBQ too you know

In no way are we forgetting our veggie and vegan subscribers thanks to our Provençal vegetable skewer recipe. These are simple enough to do – ready in 30 minutes or less – and can be cooked on a grill, under a salamander or in the oven to be eaten at any time. We offer a range of options here: tofu (or chicken), both marinated in our Brilliant Base Creamy Dressing/Marinade from last month, or a salty Cypriot halloumi cheese. We’ve served them in the picture in our Elevated flatbreads from two months ago, but you can dish them out any way you like. Again our Brilliant Base Creamy Dressing/Marinade or the Elevated Salsa Verde from last month go brilliantly with them.

Super Caesar salad

It’s called super because it’s super easy to make: Cos or Romaine lettuce, our Brilliant Base Vegan Creamy Dressing/Marinade and gut bacteria-boosting 30-month old Parmesan is all you need. In a separate video, we also show you how to make Elevated croutons. Take our base recipe and make it your own with grilled chicken, bacon, prawns or tofu.

Celeriac remoulade

This coleslaw-like salad is high in nutrition thanks to addition of celeriac. A cousin of celery, this root vegetable has many nutritional benefits thanks to it being high in fibre and packed with vitamins and minerals, including bone building vitamin K and vitamin C for immune support.

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