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Our Premium recipes for January 2023

Hello, hello and a very Happy New Year from James, Jason and a new third ‘J’ for this month – our guest chef Jade Crawley, head chef at the Tetley Bar & Kitchen, the restaurant of the Tetley art gallery* in Leeds.

While Jade’s Tetley menu is not exclusively vegan, she is vegan herself and it’s one of her main focusses, as are other part of her philosophy which really resonate here with us at Elevated: low food miles and sustainability, low-waste… so we’re super-excited to have her with us this month.

Jade has come up with her version of a Korean bibimbap for Veganuary – it’s a composite dish with many elements that we’ve recorded separately so you can use them to create this dish or in any other recipes you fancy. In the main video for the month, Jade then brings these all together.

One word of note – we filmed in The Tetley’s professional kitchens ahead of service which means you may hear other staff members in the background, or the occasional hum of a fridge, we left it all in to keep it real!

*As part of his cheffing consultancy business, Jason does a lot of work with The Tetley and spotted Jade as a cheffing star as soon as he met her.

Korean bibimbap Recipe - Elevated Premium Recipes & Cooking Tips

Jade’s Korean bibimbap

Bibimbap is as popular Korean rice dish where ‘bibim’ means ‘mixing’ and ‘bap’ refers to cooked rice. Given the composite nature of the dish, it really lends itself to a vegan treatment which is what our guest chef Jade has done here. You may note the egg on top – that’s just an optional extra – but you could easily use tofu as the protein element.

The bibimbap constituent parts are:

Jade’s fried cucumber

Cucumber, you have it in salads and tzatziki right? Not if you’re cooking Jade’s Korean-inspired bibimbap dish where she fries it until golden brown to take it to another dimension. Cucumber contains good levels of fibre, while its high water content means it is super-low in calories.

Jade’s pan wilted kale

Kale is one of those ingredients everyone raves about in nutrition circles but can often be bland for many, meaning it can end up being pushed to one side. Jade cooks this nutritional

Korean fried mushrooms

Here’s Jade’s quick way of doing a Korean-style fried mushroom side dish to go with her bibimbap dish, using dried mushrooms to give extra flavour and nutrition, to this simple but tasty side dish that contains a heap of bone-boosting vitamin D.

Jade’s quick carrot and turnip kimchi

Kimchi is a traditional Korean side dish of salted and fermented vegetables – think of it as a Korean version of sauerkraut meaning it contains a host of gut-friendly bacteria, especially if you whip your own up lik Jade does here in super-quick time.

Quick DIY gochujang sauce

Gochujang sauce is a fundamental ingredient in Korean cooking – a thick and spicy-sweet crimson sauce made from chilli flakes, sticky rice, fermented soybeans and salt. Here Jade provides a quick DIY version.

Jade’s brown rice

In this recipe, Jade shows how she uses brown rice to form the basis of her bibimbap dish. High in fibre and B vitamins this method of cooking rice can, of course, be used in hundreds of other recipes too. Brown rice is high in fibre and B vitamins.

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