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Our Premium Recipes for February 2023

Focussing on fast and furious February Recipes

Welcome to the February edition of Elevated Food For Life where we’re all about the Fs this month as we’re focussing on fast and furious dishes for February…

That’s right, while lots of the Elevated recipes fall into our definition of “Quick” a number of our subscribers have asked for recipes that are even faster.

With a view to speeding things up, James has pulled together an article with some top tips for meal prepping. You can read that here if you want to turn into a meal prepping ninja!

We also have four new dishes on the site this month. Our first one being a spaghetti vongole, using regular pasta and tinned smoked oysters that not only add a real umami flavour to this classic dish but also a hefty dose of protein and other nutrients such as zinc.

In fact, smoked canned oysters actually have more zinc than fresh ones, so once again, we’re getting maximum nutrition from a dish that is ready in minutes.

Vegan Thai-style tom yum/tom yam soup

From Italy we head to Thailand for our yum/tom yam soup using our Brilliant Bases Tomato Fondue and Aromatic Nage.

Jason knows a thing or two about Thai food thanks to his Uncle Bob who lives in Nakhon Sawan and he has taken some of that knowledge and to create this version of the famed soup while removing the usual shrimp to give a vegan option.

The dish really shows the versatility of having a couple of Brilliant Bases handy, then you can add whatever inclusions you like: chicken, tofu, rice, veggies… And given it contains a heap of anti-inflammatory spices, it’s super good for your immune system too.

Protein-packed ‘posh’ noodle

Our third dish for the month is what we’re calling a ‘posh noodle’. You may remember those astronaut-type instant noodle dishes from the 70s and 80s where you simply filled a plastic pot with hot water to get a quick meal. Well, here’s our version using our Bone Marrow Broth or Roast Root vegetable stock and yellow pea pasta by Zen B that is high in protein, fibre and potassium, as well as being gluten-free.

Jason’s quick-fire calzone

Finally, we are heading back to Italy for our super-quick calzone than uses our quick pizza dough that we always keep in the freezer for emergencies. Ordinarily, this is a dish that’s hard to make without an incredibly hot wood-fired pizza oven but Jason has, as ever, come up with a hack to make it happen.

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