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Our Premium recipes for December 2022

It’s probably the right time to be thinking about Christmas but we have done many seasonal recipes over the last two festive seasons and so we thought we’d (mostly) give it a rest this year.

That’s not to say we won’t cover our subscribers off for the festive season… they can look out later this month for a special Elevated Christmas menu that will bring our suggested dishes all together in one place this month.

So what are we focussing on? More winter warmers is the answer. It’s the one thing we’re asked for at this time of year most: simple dishes that are hearty and warming, but don’t take forever to make.

Step forward then our monkfish masala (above). Jason’s brought together three of our Brilliant Bases to create this latest addition to our Curry Club recipes.

From a nutrition point of view monkfish is a meaty fish, high in protein and omega III fats, and we’re accompanying it with yellow lentils, also high in protein and fibre. If you’re vegan, feel free to replace the monkfkish with tofu here… it will work just as well.

Buckwheat Chicken and Chorizo - Elevated Recipe Subscription

Buckwheat orange pilaf with chicken and chorizo

Our hero ingredient for this month that features in two of our recipes is buckwheat – contrary to the name not a wheat at all but the seed of a flowering plant. A nutritional powerhouse, it is one of the only plant sources containing all amino acids (the building blocks of protein) which means you could leave out the chicken and chorizo and still have a super balanced meal.

Kasha Porridge - Elevated Recipe Subscription

Big Breakfast: Buckwheat kasha porridge

Kasha is an Eastern European form of porridge that’s made with buckwheat and here’s our version of it. Totally vegan and with added inclusions such as nut butter, flaked almond and blackberries. The ones here were foraged and preserved by Jason but feel free to use fresh ones if you prefer.

Peshwar-style cauliflower - Elevated Recipe Subscription

Two super side: peshwari-style sprouting cauliflower & organic carrot and swede crush

To accompany our monkfish masala, we’ve prepared a simple peshwari-style sprouting cauliflower (above) that’s bursting with flavour.

Plus, here’s our one nod to Christmas then for this year: our fabulous organic carrot and swede crush with no additions to it and packed with vitamins and antioxidants… Amazing!

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