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Our premium recipes for December 2021

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It’s our one-pot winter wonders

A number of our members have written to us recently asking for both more uses of some of our Brilliant Bases, as well as simple one-pot solutions for meals throughout the week. It got us thinking that in effect, what people were asking for was a much more healthy form of a chilled ‘ready meal’ you might get from a supermarket, a store or a meal delivery service.

While those dishes might be tempting to pull off the shelf when it comes to a quick, ‘fresh’ option mid-week, the reality is, they may actually have started production a full two weeks earlier. Add in the fact they are often high in salt and high in fat, plus you have little idea where the ingredients are sourced from, and you can see how they’re far from the healthiest solution.

So this December, we’ve delved into our Brilliant Bases Recipes to come up with a number of quick ways you can prepare a meal for one or a family dinner for four using simple ingredients you might have in the fridge, as well as those bases you spent time preparing.

As ever, we have tried to make them as flexible as possible, so please don’t think you have to have every single Brilliant Base lined up in the fridge ready and waiting for you. In fact, our super-flexible rice simply gives you a cooking method and a suggested set of ingredients but has been absolutely created so you can pretty much create your own version of it in less than 30 minutes with very little further instruction.

Want to know how? Let’s crack on with this month’s recipes.

Healthy Lentil Recipe - Elevated Premium Recipes

Simple spiced salmon, spinach and lentils

Packed with protein and healthy omega-III fats, this simple dish can be cooked first on the stove top before being placed in the oven. Healthy, tasty and ready in less than 20 minutes. It’s perfect for a super-quick solution that’s super tasty and can be enjoyed by all the family.

Two types of cassoulet

We’ve done two different types of cassoulet, the traditional French dish that with heart-healthy beans at its heart this month.

One is more traditional and another use for our Tomato Fondue, the other is a vegan white cassoulet with immune-boosting field mushrooms and based on our latest Brilliant Base, a vegan béchamel sauce.

We first used this in our Greek moussaka in the summer and it’s become such a success for us, we’ve decided to spin it off into more uses that will be coming over the following months.

Power-up Porridge or GOATmeal

Porridge or oatmeal, as our American friends call it, is a true breakfast staple but here we’ve pimped it to new levels with the addition of omega-III packed ground flaxseed, warm and spicy cinnamon or spice blend and topped with chia seeds. Sure to keep you going for much of the day and packed with good nutrition, it’s why we’ve called it our GOAT (Greatest Of All Time) meal.

Gut-boosting garnish

For some of those warming dishes above, we recommend using Jason’s childhood favourite, simple soused onions, as a garnish. This super-quick homemade pickled onion dish gets better the longer you leave it. As it ferments, good bacteria and digestive enzymes begin to thrive making it super for good gut health.

Cook like a boss

We often use butter wraps as a cartouche (a paper lid to keep the cooking liquid in a dish and help it remain moist). What happens if you don’t have a butter wrap? You make your own using this simple cheffing technique. Jason shows you how it’s done.

Coming up in December and the New Year

When it comes to our recipes for January, for those of you who suffer from the start-of-the-year blues, we’ve got a series of recipes coming up that use the best mood-boosting ingredients out there. Look out for those on January 1…

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