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Our Premium Recipes for August 2023

This month we are drawing on lots of our previous healthy recipes to produce two amazing Flavours of Vacation banquet meals for our August premium recipes, each of them serving up to to eight members of your friends and family.

Tex Mex Turkey - Elevated Premium Recipes

Tex Mex turkey banquet

For this August’s Flavours of Vacation month we are bringing a host of our past recipes together to create one fully planned out centrepiece meal for 6-8 people, depending on how hungry you are: our Tex-Mex turkey banquet.

The centrepiece here is our crown of turkey, low in calories and high in protein, it also is one of the best sources of an amino acid called tryptophan which is helpful for sleep.

We’re accompanying it with a whole host of side-dish favourites: potato skins and fillings, char-grilled red peppers, juicy sweetcorn, guacamole and more, some of which are new to the Elevated stable, some of which are old favourites.

Jason estimates that are current prices you could put this whole banquet meal together for around £40/$60 which is an absolute bargain when you consider just how much goes into preparing a meal like this.

Proper British Meal - Elevated Premium Recipes

Best of British banquet

For those of us in the UK, this second Flavours of Vacation banquet for summer 2023 is more a Flavours of Staycation meal giving that all the ingredients are sourced here in Britain or are in season for those of you not back in the ‘old country’.

We’re using here a lovely piece of beef rib on the bone (a single rib should suffice for eight people – see our buying guide to beef for more tips). The beef is high in protein and, if grass-fed, will also be high in omega 3 heart- and brain-healthy fats.

We’re serving this with some wild caught salmon surf ‘n’ turf style, as well as Jersey Royal potatoes and lots of other goodies from the Elevated stable.

Jason estimates that at summer 2023 prices, this meal should cost up at around £45/$75 for the whole banquet.

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