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Our Premium Recipes for August 2022

Get a flavour of Mediterranean Dishes for our Greek month

Mediterranean August Recipes - Elevated Premium Recipes

Slow cooked lamb kleftiko-style

At Elevated we’ve long been enamoured with the idea of kleftiko (rustlers or thieves) lamb and have even dug our gardens up to try cooking it the traditional way! (Unhappy wife aleart). To help you avoid that, here’s we’ve gone for a more simple, but equally tasty version where the lamb will literally be falling off the bone at the end of the cooking process. This dish is super-high in protein and B vitamins as well as being delicious!

Street food souvlaki with an Elevated twist

Souvlaki is the archetypical street food found in Greece, hand wrapped and served while walking around. Ordinarily served with meat, we’ve decided to go for a vegetarian version here using Cypriot halloumi as the protein source and using our super quick dough fortified with seeds to make the pitta bread. We’re serving the souvlaki in one version with char-grilled red peppers too for extra vitamin C.

Roast potatoes, Greek-style

These Greek-style potatoes are part-roasted, part-braised in either our vegetable stock or bone marrow broth to increase their nutritional value and flavour. The addition of lemon for the last stage of cooking gives them a great zing in flavour.

Oven-baked feta with local honey and sesame seeds

Pimp up a simple block of feta cheese by baking it in the oven with honey and sesame seeds or pine nuts. Feta is lower in fat than many cheeses and high in protein and calcium, but also as its fermented contains bacteria that are beneficial for gut health.

Two traditional dips

To accompany your Greek feast, here are two dips. One is the classic tzatziki everyone knows and loves (and which you’ll need for the souvlaki) and the other is fava, which is James’ favourite. Made with yellow split peas, it’s high in fibre and protein and fortified with either our bone marrow broth or roast root vegetable stock.

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