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Immune-boosting Summer Salsa Recipes

With BBQ season almost upon us, we are sharing our series of immune-boosting super summer salsa recipes to our members… 

The salsa recipes are based around a trio of peppers: red, yellow and green, and Jason has worked hard for us to match the salsas with other tangy flavours and immune boosting compounds to ensure these provide an incredible rainbow of nutrition to accompany your choice of protein, whether that be chicken, beef, tofu, halloumi or anything else you fancy.

The salsa recipes all take less than 10 minutes to prepare too and will last in your fridge for a good week, so you can continue to tuck in as the flavours develop even further.

Here they are then in traffic light order!

glorious green salsa recipe

Glorious Green Salsa Recipe

The first of our three immune-boosting summer salsa recipes is our glorious green, a lovely chunky salsa that adds a real zing to any protein you’d care to match it with. Here we are basing the salsa on the humble green pepper – less sweet than its red counterpart, it is still high in fibre and packed with nutrients.

Just 100g offers only 20 calories, they are high in vitamin C, beta carotene (the precursor of vitamin A), folic acid and vitamin B, while also being high in antioxidants some of which can help with circulatory issues.

We’re matching this with kiwi fruit  – super high in vitamin C and good for immune function, as it’s shown to help against respiratory diseases. In addition we have heart-healthy garlic which contains compounds that are anti-inflammatory, immune boosting and good for the heart, as well as metabolism boosting.

View the full glorious green salsa recipe here.

Awesome amber salsa

Our amber salsa is so simple based on frozen mango or pineapple cubes which are available all year round – or you can use fresh as we do in the video. We’re matching that fruity element of the salsa with orange or red peppers which are high in vitamin C, high in fibre and beta carotene (the precursor of vitamin A), as well as folic acid and vitamin B.

If using pineapple, you are adding in more vitamin C and the mineral manganese, as well as a substance called bromelain which aids digestion and reduces inflammation to add more immune supporting nutrients.

View the awesome amber salsa recipe here.

Radiant rosso salsa

Our radiant rosso immune boosting salsa can be used to accompany any protein or even as a bruschetta topping resting on some chunky sourdough. We’ve packed this one with immune-boosting substances too so you can function at your best through summer.

At its heart are red peppers – cultivated for more than 6,000 years and originating from South America, they are rich in vitamin C, beta carotene (a precursor of vitamin A), folic acid and vitamin B, while also being high in antioxidants some of which can help with circulatory issues.

We are then adding some lovely ripened on the vine tomatoes which contain lycopene – a red carotene shown to be protective against a number of different types of cancer and to lower risk of heart disease – as well as our Tomato Fondue Brilliant Base.

View the radiant rosso salsa recipe here.

That’s it for this month then……save to remind you that our next Q&A session is on Friday June 7th over on our Facebook page at 5pm UK/noon Eastern. If you have a question for us, pop it over using this link.

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