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How to create the perfect paella

How to make the perfect paella

We don’t know about you, but we love summer – particularly the time where we get to head off to a Med hotspot on holiday. It’s one of the reasons why at the start of the summer we add more recipes to our Flavours of Staycation theme – recipes that are redolent of holiday destinations.

Here then is this year’s entry: our healthier, more Elevated version of the Spanish classic paella. Key is to use a short-grain, paella-specific rice if you can find one. Bomba is the classic paella rice, so-called as the grains swell into little bomb shapes as they absorb the cooking liquid.

In our case that’s our nutrition-packed Bone Marrow Broth and Tomato Fondue Brilliant Bases. We’re also packing the recipe with loads of colourful veggies for a full range of plant-based nutrients and adding chicken breast, omega-3 rich prawns and chorizo for a healthy dose of protein.

It’s worth noting that while the recipe we’ve given serves two, the portions are super generous and there will be more than enough left over for seconds or tomorrow’s lunch. You can, of course, double and triple the amounts to cook for larger parties.

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Recipe: Fred ‘n’ ginger super smoothie

The first of two new smoothie recipes for July is this new recipe that will put an old-school dance spring into your step – a wonderful burst of summer flavours with a hint of fiery ginger in the background.

That ginger, rich in anti-inflammatory compounds and antioxidants, is married with a healthy scoop of vanilla protein powder (we recommend getting a vegan one such as Vivo Life) and almonds, alongside a little drizzle of honey. This is one we make again and again and we’re sure you’ll love it too.

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Recipe: Glorious greens super smoothie

Our second smoothie for this month features the humble gooseberry which is seriously underrated when it comes to nutrition, and is why we’ve made it the star of the show in this fabulously tart protein-packed smoothie.

Gooseberries are super-high in nutrients, such as vitamin C and eating them can have  several potential health benefits, including having anti-aging, antioxidant, and anti-carcinogenic properties.

We’re matched the gooseberry with another of our favourites: kiwi fruit. Kiwis also include high vitamin C content, have anti-inflammatory effects, and are a great source of dietary fibre to aid with digestion.

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Your questions answered

That’s it for this month then… save to remind your our next Q&A is on Friday July 5th. If you have a question for us, pop it over by return to this email as soon as you can and we’ll answer it then.

Here’s the link for the live show – put it in your diary 😀

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