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Valentine’s Day recipe ideas and more ways to give you bang for your buck

With Valentine’s Day just 10 days away, love is in the air… so here are some tips for Valentine’s Day recipe ideas and other ways to give you more bang for your buck on the day of love.

Our best ever Valentine’s Day recipes

If you’re still on the post-Christmas financial belt tightening though, it can be a challenge to find a way to celebrate. So why not think about cooking your loved one a meal from the Elevated stable.

In the past we’ve done Elevated steaks of ribeye beef, cauliflower or aubergine as suggestions for great date night meals (because let’s face it, love isn’t confined to one day a year), or you could follow this month’s recipes (see below) if you’re a premium member. In any case, if you need help planning your Valentine’s dinner – check out our top healthy dinner recipes.

Following last month’s Fuller For Longer recipes, we’re keeping up the New Year health kick this month with our Vegan Valentine’s menu: a main course vegan tagine and a coconut rice pudding dessert that can be pre-made in advance and re-warmed together in the oven so you can spend time with a loved one or friend.

There’s also a recipe for a pineapple salsa that goes brilliantly with the rice pudding, as well as two new super smoothies – a mom’s apple pie one, and a coconut and pineapple one that’s as close to a pina colada as you can get without the booze!

If you’re one of our premium members, we really hope you enjoy all these, as well as the other 250+ health giving recipes we now have on the site!

Surprising ways to boost your sex drive

It seems we are getting less sex than ever! (That’s not US personally by the way, rather us as a society). So this week The Guardian has come up with a number of surprising ways to boost your sex drive. The newspaper lists cold swimming (hello, James!), volunteering together and cutting down the booze as some of the ways in this fun article that we recommend reading, if you’re a rampant sex god or goddess in no need of help!

The vegetable that might just improve your sex life

Back in January we showed Elevated subscribers how to roast beetroots so they retained all their nutrients… One of the things we mentioned in that article was that beets contain nitrate which is then turned into nitrite in the mouth and in turn, nitrite turns into nitric oxide which can widen the blood vessels which then increases blood flow. Got all that? Good!  Well it turns out, this may also be of benefit in the bedroom (in addition to the tips we mentioned above). Want to know more? Click on this link to read an article from the UK version of Yahoo News this week.

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