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How to save money on shopping as we head into April

Our new recipes for April 2024

Is it April already? We’re not quite sure why 2024 seems to be flashing by but it’s incredible we are already into the second quarter of the year. With a cost of living crisis in full flow still, we’ve been conscious of finding ways you can save on your shopping.

It’s why from a simple basket of goods we’ve come up with three different recipes that are high-value in taste and nutrition and low-cost when it comes to expenditure.

You can listen to us talking about the philosophy by watching the video but in short, Jason show subscribers how to portion your own chicken and then how to make three super-simple meals for two from those portions.

New Brilliant Base: Mushroom Duxelles

Dive into the world of gourmet with our mushroom duxelles—perfect for slathering on sourdough toast or enhancing your favourite dishes such as our chicken supreme (below). Elevate your plate and your health with nature’s vitamin D-packed powerhouse!

Chicken supreme with mushroom duxelles

In this recipe we bring together succulent chicken breasts with the Mushroom Duxelles from above to produce a delicious and super quick lunch or dinner. The chicken is packed with protein and B vitamins, while the mushrooms add a decent dose of vitamin D.

Elevated Coq Au Vin

Rick and tasty Elevated coq au vin

Here’s our modern and very Elevated take on a French classic – lighter and loaded with high-quality protein and B vitamins but retaining all those classic flavours of France. Great with mashed potatoes and seasonal greens.

Super-quick chicken salad

Lovely, light and tasty, this warm salad recipe is perfect for early spring or summer. In it we bring together the protein-packed chicken and flavoursome bacon and add to light leaves with chunky, fresh mushrooms.

That’s it for this month then…

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