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Premium Recipes for September 2022

James and Jason here with this September’s edition of Elevated Food For Life featuring our latest batch of fabulously health-giving recipes.

When we asked our members what they’d like to see on Elevated, many responded by saying some form of “a creative way of using up leftovers” and you’ll see below we have two dishes that do just that.

It also got us to thinking about the current cost-of-living crisis and how that is affecting families, particularly those who look to feed their families in the best way possible. How do you continue to buy food that is considered ‘healthy’ when the price of everything is shooting up all the time?

Luckily, Jason is a monster bargain and value hunter when it comes to shopping, springing from his days when kitchen wastage reduced the profitability of the restaurants he worked in.

So he’s put together an article here about how to save money on your weekly shop. It’s packed with tips and insider knowledge that, if followed, are guaranteed to keep more pennies in your pockets.

Our vegan rainbow fully balanced rainbow burger

You know how James constantly talks about ‘eating a rainbow’ of colours as the best way to ensure you’re getting a full complement of vitamins, minerals and other phytonutrients? Well one of his clients asked if we could come up with a vegan burger that wasn’t full of additives – and Jason has excelled himself yet again.

This burger contains a full spectrum of colours and is high in both fibre and protein, while remaining low in calories. Moreover, it’s brilliantly nutritionally balanced and high in really good fats thanks to the addition of chia, flaxseeds and the ‘king of nuts’ walnuts. Make the burgers in a batch and freeze them to pop out and cook when you want.

Homemade Elevated vanilla ice cream

A request from our own families: When Jason’s son Christian was recently diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes, learning how to measure carbohydrates soon became the new norm. During a short stay in hospital, Christian’s favourite thing on the menu became vanilla ice cream and so Jason was prompted to make his own rather than relying on store-bought stuff full of preservatives. Simple to make, delicious and with no nasties in it. Worth signing up for this recipe alone.

Elevated bubble & squeak soufflé with salmon and poached egg

Here in the UK when you have a Sunday lunch, there are invariably a host of vegetables left over the next day. Traditionally these have been made into ‘bubble and squeak’, a mashing together of all the vegetables that are then pan fried. Chef Jason has taken that concept further to come up with an Elevated version of it at the request of one of our members, Liz. The result is a brasserie-style meal: a light, fluffy version with the added benefits good fats from the salmon and poached egg.

Elevated egg-fried rice

We all end up with leftovers in the fridge 4-5 days in from the weekly shop and chef Jason has been asked for some simple, creative, appealing ways to use them up. This egg-fried rice is a great way to reduce any food waste, especially in the current ‘cost of living’ crisis.
There are no boundaries with this dish, all you really need is some leftover Elevated brown basmati rice, or a packet of ready-cooked rice that simply needs re-heating. Then the sky’s the limit, so our ingredients above are more a suggestion than a rigid recipe you have to follow.

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