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Premium recipes for October 2021

In the October Premium edition of Elevated…

It’s Awesome Autumn

For those of you that are Elevated members, you now should have been able to successfully invest a little time and minimal amount of fuss, making four, five or even six of our Brilliant Bases, storing them, freezing them or simply using them so frequently, that you’re making them every weekend – much like both of us do.

With those bases successfully stored away then, this month for Awesome Autumn, we are expanding on their highly appropriate uses with some solutions for quick midweek dishes, as well as some that you can leave to cook low ’n’ slow while you go for a walk, head to the gym or fill your time in other productive ways other than having to be in the kitchen.

Oriental Oxtail

First we’ve taken a classic cornerstone of many autumn/winter menus, the humble oxtail. Traditionally a peasant cut but full of flavour, good intramuscular fats and high in iron and vitamin B12, we have Elevated it and added a nod to the east using our Aromatic Nage Brilliant Base as the core braising liquor. This incredibly tasty and rich meat, benefits from being first caramelised then cooked low ’n’ slow on the bone. This sees the collagen in the connective tissue broken down into gelatine, glycine and glutamine, all of which can help with both gut health and overall wellbeing.

Super-charged baked brown basmati rice

As a new side dish that goes brilliantly with this and other meals such as our curries from last month, Jason has developed a simple way of oven baking brown basmati rice. Packed with fibre, phosphorus, zinc, and B vitamins, brown basmati rice is also lower on the glycaemic index than its white cousins and therefore is less likely to cause blood sugar spikes. From a flavour and nutrition profile, we Elevate it by cooking it in either our BB Bone Marrow broth (for more collagen) or in our BB Roast Root Vegetable Stock for those who are vegan/vegetarian.

Skins ‘n’ things

Over the years, the potato has been somewhat vilified as a starchy carb, but a lot of the issues with potatoes and blood sugar spikes come from how they are often prepared. Remove the skin (which holds much of the fibre, vitamins and minerals) and boiled to within an inch of their lives, doesn’t leave much nutritional value, it’s true.

Which is why this month we have made those nutrient rich skins the start of our new Skins ‘n’ Things concept. After pre-baking the potatoes, we crisp the skins and take the light, fluffy flesh, elevating it for flavour, texture and nutritional value using our Brilliant Bases to amplify this humble vegetable. Coronation chicken, a Vegan Vegetables of Provence with pesto and an Italian influenced vegetarian tomato and mozzarella cheese mix are all used as fillers. And these are so versatile, you can use them on sourdough for perfect sandwiches, or salad accompaniments too.

Our Vegan ‘Meaty’ Ragu

Lastly, we have a new Vegan ‘Meaty’ Ragu. Replicating and replacing animal-based foods is has been on trend now for several years. Here at Elevated we always look for a balanced approach, not making analogue foods, but getting the very best out of nature’s larder to deliver that organoleptic quality you desire and nutritional benefit you need. Using mushrooms, red lentils, cashews and either red kidney or black beans we have created a meaty textured and flavoursome ragu base sauce that can be used as is, in lasagne, moussaka, cannelloni, or folded with pasta or courgettes. Given it’s ingredient profile, it has a full set of amino acids making it a whole protein, while the addition of nutritional yeast gives it a push of B12, so often lacking in vegan diets.

We hope you enjoy this month’s recipes and look forward to your feedb

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