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Premium Recipes for October 2020

James and Jason

Welcome to Elevated Food For Life

Welcome to our first test month of the Elevated Food For Life concept. It’s important for us to let you know a little bit more about us before we get into this month’s recipes and tips.

Elevated is not a fad diet – it’s not keto, or paleo, or low-fat – it’s a sensible way of eating that maximises every bite of every recipe to give you the best nutritional bang for your buck.

Along the way, we hope to help you understand a little more about nutrition, inspire you to make better eating choices and adopt new habits that truly will give you a way of eating for life. You can read more about our philosophy on this welcome fact sheet.

While Elevated is not a diet in the weight-loss sense, better eating habits can help with weight management. The majority of our key recipes will be delivered in video tutorials, but each will also be accompanied by a web article detailing what makes the dish Elevated, what ingredients are needed, instructions on how to make it and details of the recipe’s calorie count and macronutrient ratios.

We’ll also provide regular articles that will cut through the nutrition noise so you get a better understanding of why you should eat certain foods, and lifestyle hacks to improve sleep, reduce stress and exercise better.

Rather than being, say, like a cook book or a diet where you get all the recipes and information in one overwhelming chunk, we plan to introduce you to strong nutritional principles and new dishes over time so you can build your arsenal of foods and library of recipes, as well as increasing your knowledge in basic nutrition and learning new kitchen skills from Jason’s many years working in some of the country’s top restaurants.

Tonato fondue preparation

This month’s Recipes and Content

Brilliant Base: Tomato Fondue

Every so often we’ll introduce you to one of our Brilliant Bases, core recipes where you can put in the slightly harder yards in some batch cooking on, say, a weekend or down day, then use them to spin off some quick and easy recipes through the week. All great Mediterranean cuisines have a great tomato base, and we’ve borrowed from Italian, Greek and French flavours to produce ours. Use it for everything from a moussaka to your own ketchup.

In this month’s recipes, you can find some great ways to use this, such as our courgetti Bolognese, that we love so much, we’ve separated it out into its own recipe.

Our cleanest dirty burger

When it comes to burgers, everyone loves a good one, but more often than not they’re full of additives like fillers and binders. We get around that by having our local butcher grind select beef cuts, or better still, we grind our own beef (check out one of this month’s skills videos – it’s easier than it sounds!). We then show you how to cook the burger for max flavour using our Tomato Fondue to create a deliciously sloppy sauce.

If you want to know more about how to select the best cuts of beef, Jason has also put together a Buyer’s Guide, which can be found here.

Anti-inflammatory foods

Inflammation is a vital part of the body’s healing process, but when it becomes chronic, it can lead to long-term health issues. All of our recipes contain anti-inflammatory compounds to help counteract this. In our anti-inflammatory eating article James explains more about the theory behind one of our underlying concepts

Extremely Elevated lunch

Light, tasty and packed with goodness… welcome to our watermelon and feta salad. Tangy feta adds good bacteria, mint provides anti-inflammatory antioxidants and amino acids in the watermelon have been called ‘nature’s viagara’ meaning this dish is Elevated in more ways than one!

Cancer-killing breakfast

Blueberries and cardamon have been proven to boost the very cool sounding natural killer cells – one of the body’s first lines of defence against cancer. It’s why we’ve included them in our great granola that you can also press to use as an on-the-go energy bar to take out running, cycling or for a treat at work.

Learn to cook like a boss

Each month we provide you with a series of videos to help improve your kitchen skills that have been honed by Jason’s extensive experience in some of the country’s top restaurants. This month we have:

  • Grinding your own beef
  • Zesting citrus fruit
  • Selecting the right knife
  • Grinding nuts and seeds
  • De-stoning soft fruit
  • Chopping leafy herbs

Some of our nutrition articles are FREE to view. If you’d like to access to our Premium Recipes & Nutrition videos and articles for just 99p for your first month, please click here

Elevate Your Health

Unlock Access to Hundreds of Recipes With Step-by-Step Video Instructions

Rather than just provide you with 100’s of delicious recipes, you get a whole lot more from Elevated. We are a nutrition focussed recipe subscription. This means all of the recipes we offer are absolutely packed with health-boosting ingredients that will help you live life better.