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Premium Recipes for November 2022

Late autumn and early winter warmers

This month, we’re focussing on seasonal flavours to create a series of late autumn/early winter warmers. With the days getting shorter, we know the temptation is to baton down the hatches a little, curl up and keep warm, and sometimes you just need something hearty to keep you going. Preferably without too much to do when it comes to cooking either.

It’s why our ‘hero’ dish for the month is a lovely leg of hogget cooked low and slow with fennel and other herbs after being marinated in marsala wine. You may be asking yourself what hogget is and, put simply, it’s lamb that’s seen its second spring or summer. This means that it’s had longer to pasture and, as such, is rich in omega-3 fatty acids, as well as other vitamins and minerals such as B12, selenium, zinc and iron. Of course, if you can’t find hogget, this dish will be just as tasty cooked with leg of lamb.

Super sides: truffle-infused polenta and ultimate mash

Here are two suggested sides dishes to go with our hogget. One is the Italian classic, polenta (or ground corn). A gluten-free alternative to pasta, it’s high in fibre and low in calories and we’ve fortified it with Bone Marrow Broth (or Roast Root Vegetable Stock if you’re vegan) and truffle.

The other is Jason’s ultimate mashed potatoes – an indulgent side dish for those days when you want something familiar and comforting when the chills set in. This only uses three of the best ingredients: potatoes, our own organic butter and double cream. We won’t pretend this one is super health giving, but this is a dish that just makes you feel warm inside.

A couple for the (big) kids amongst us

We say it all the time, we have no taste for waste … so we didn’t want to throw the potato skins away from the ultimate mashed potatoes. You could just a little salt to these and crisp them in the oven, or you could follow Jason’s simple mac ‘n’ cheese recipe and stick them in the oven to crisp.

Another one for kids is our ‘dino ribs’ made from pumpkin and braised in our Bone Marrow Broth or Roast Root Veggie Stock for flavour and nutrition before being open roasted to crisp up. Pumpkin is super high in carotenes, a precursor to vitamin A, that are thought to be protective against cancer and type 2 diabetes, as well as vitamin C, vitamin B1, folate and dietary fibre. We put this one on social for Halloween here.

Portobello mushroom stuffed with chestnut cream cheese

One of our secondary missions at Elevated is to tempt you into eating more mushrooms as they’re an excellent source of many minerals including selenium, copper, potassium, and zinc, as well as many of the B vitamins and some protein. They also contain a compound called betaglucans that is good for the immune system and is thought to also have anti-cancer properties.

Jason is serving portobellos here with a blend of cream cheeses and toasted chestnuts – the lowest fat nuts out there, rich in fibre and high in vitamin C which also helps with immune function. We then form a crust with flax seeds and pines nuts and serve on a base of our Tomato Fondue.

Immune boosting Asian greens broth

Our final recipe for this month is our Asian greens broth – a great way to keep warm in winter. We’re using our old friend Brilliant Base Aromatic Nage as the base here and pairing it with seasonal vegetables, including the humble sprout, courgettes, kale and spinach for a super soup that will help blast away colds and flu this winter thanks to high levels of B vitamins, iron and vitamin C.

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