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Premium Recipes for November 2020

Welcome to the November edition of Elevated

As we head into winter and a second wave of Covid-19, it’s a good time to think about how we can bolster our immune systems. And with the majority of our immune system being in our guts, food is a great place to start, which is why James has put together an article on some of his favourite immune boosting foods for this month.

Of course, we’ve gone much further than that for you and all our recipes in the November edition including immune-boosting properties and, as we use as much of each ingredient as possible, we’ve made sure that all are super nutritionally dense.

Before the arrival of Western cuisine, Asian countries had very low incidences of many diseases and conditions we suffer from in the West – and it is perhaps no surprise then that this month’s Brilliant Base, our Aromatic Nage, lends heavily from Asian cuisine and helps us elevate a couple of classic dishes: Thai red curry and a no-fry stir fry with crispy chilli beef. As with last month’s Fondue, there are multiple other uses too.


This month’s recipes

Brilliant Base: Aromatic Nage

On to our Aromatic Nage then – packed with great flavours and immune-supporting ingredients such as lemongrass, garlic, chillies and ginger, it packs a nutritional kick whether you decide to drink it as is (perfect as a cold and flu remedy) or use it as a base for many Asian style dishes.

Thai-style red curry & No-fry stir fry

Our Aromatic Nage allows you to put the harder yards in on one day then, unlike other batch cooking where you eat the same meal again and again, you change it up on a regular basis to create quick, easy meals through the week.

Two of those are our Thai-style red curry and our No-fry stir fry that you can access in our Premium Nutrition & Recipes section. As with our other Brilliant Bases, we’ll have more Aromatic Nage applications over the coming months. Premium member and feeling creative? You can share your own uses for the Nage on our subscriber Facebook group.

Waldorf salad

Elevated Light Lunch: The Waldorf Salad

We’ve taken the classic Waldorf this month and given it a superfood boost thanks to the addition of Jason’s toasted walnuts and James’s avocado mayonnaise. Packed with vitamins, minerals, good fats and gut-boosting bacteria this truly is a super salad.

Baked-egg breakfast

Breakfast is perfect for starting your day with some much-needed for immune function protein, but so many of us eschew the chance, going for a quick-fix bowel of cereal instead. Stick the oven on while you’re getting ready, use our Tomato Fondue Brilliant Base, crack a couple of eggs and you’ll be ready to go in minutes.

Learn to cook like a boss

Each month we provide you with a series of videos to help improve your kitchen skills that have been honed by Jason’s extensive experience in some of the country’s top restaurants. This month we cover

  • How to peel and prep garlic
  • How to peel and prep chillies
  • How to peel and prep ginger
  • How to toast walnuts video
  • How to prep avocado video
Foods to help with anxiety

Over on our I Am Elevated Podcast, James recently interviewed fellow clinical nutritionist Jane Hickey about her new book, Good Foods for Anxiety.  Have a listen to find out how Jane went from being scared of lettuce to an Amazon best-selling author, all by changing what she ate.


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