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Our amazingly Elevated fish pie and much more…

Our latest Elevated recipes for May 2024

With Spring now firmly here, we’re constantly looking for dishes we can spend a bit of time prepping, or cook in batches and then fridge or freeze for a quick lunch or dinner down the line. Our new fish pie (pictured above) is one of those recipes.

Naturally, fish is the main ingredient here – light in calories, high in protein and, thanks to the addition of salmon and tiger prawns, high in omega 3 fats. We’re then creating a lovely sauce with aromatic vegetables and enrichened with cream and topping it with our super special mash using baked potatoes to retain as much nutritional value as possible.

We’ve done a simple scaling with the recipe too – notionally the amounts on the site are for two, but then just, double, triple or even quadruple – this is both a great choice for cooking for later in the day or week, or for a relaxed  dinner party too.

We do hope you enjoy this one… We’ve worked really hard to bring you a classic that is both Elevated but high in flavour and easy to execute.

Strawberry and Banana Super Smoothie

This Strawberry and Banana Super Smoothie is more than just a delicious treat; it’s a secret weapon for wellness warriors packed with protein, potassium and vitamin C, it’s good for your gut too thanks to the Greek yoghurt in it.

Chocolate and Peanut Butter Super Smoothie

Chocoholics with a sweet tooth will love this Chocolate and Peanut Butter Super Smoothie – and indulgence your body and brain will thank you for. High in protein (of course), it also had a good dose of potassium heart-healthy monounsaturated fats.

That’s it for this month then……save to remind you that our next Q&A session is this Friday. If you have a question for us, pop it over by return to this email as soon as you can and we’ll answer it then.

Here’s the link for the live show – put it in your diary

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