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New to the site for October 2023

Elevated X Exhale Cappuccino Tiramisu

We’ve been promising an Elevated version of tiramisu for a few weeks now and we’re proud to say here it is. This was done at the request of one of our members and we think it’s probably our best dessert so far.

It took us a few goes to get there. We tried bananas and avocados and all kinds of combinations to get it right. They either didn’t taste right, weeped too much liquid or had unappealing colours, and so we went back to first principles using classic ingredients with a twist.

After some tweaking, the result is it’s lower in fat and lower in sugars but is also gluten-free thanks to us using buckwheat for the sponge. In fact, we took it to a neighbour who is coeliac who told us she’d always wanted to try tiramisu but has always been unable to… She loved it!

We’ve then powered it up with our favourite coffee brand Exhale. A company that shares our principles of living a healthy lifestyle, the couple behind Exhale have scoured the world for the best, most healthiest coffee beans ever – and then test the coffee over and over again to ensure you’re getting the best health kick possible from it.

It really is an amazing dish… and we really recommend you give it a go. So if you’re not already a member, get signed up now!

Martha & Gracie’s Taco Tuesday tacos

Next up is our version of tacos, made in honour of James’s daughters Martha & Gracie who love Taco Tuesday. Here we’ve drawn on some of our Brilliant Bases and other recipes to bring this together. Prime ground beef cooked with our Tomato Fondue and House Rub, set in taco ‘shells’ made from our quick pizza dough and topped with Elevated guacamole and a super-quick salsa (or you could try Marcia’s Saucy Salsa). If you’re one of those people who struggles to eat healthy, home-cooked food in the week that all the family can enjoy, you can add this to your roster in about 15-20 minutes on the day. Just make sure you have some fondue already batched up.

New content on our Club Elevated section

Club Elevated is our new section that offers you 10 different mini courses to make you a better home cook! In Club Elevated, you’ll find a whole host of new articles and videos this month to help you become a kitchen boss. We’ve uploaded 11 different sections in total so there’s a whole heap to get your teeth into!

Adding to our Meal Planning mini course from last month, we’ve now added the first 8 items in the How to organise your kitchen section which takes you through some of the essential and nice-to-have kit in the kitchen. We then have a further three articles in the How to… food safety section that look at how to safely refrigerate and freeze your food to minimise the risk of any food-borne illnesses.

To access these, click here and use the Club Elevated drop down.

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