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New to Elevated for December 2023

Christmas Party Platter Recipes - Elevated Premium Recipes

Christmas party platters with our latest Brilliant Base

And so this is Christmas, and what have you done? (As the old song goes.) Well, here’s what we’ve done this year… party food!

We have three dishes for you – all based around our fortified quick dough which is a lovely, simple, yeast-free bread dough that can used as a vehicle for many different recipes and is highly fortified with our organic butter and whole milk.

A batch makes around 900g/32oz of dough, and splitting that three ways and portioning up into 25g/0.9oz balls will give you 12 of each of the following party platter dishes.

Turkey and pork mini sliders

For these party platter mini burgers we are using a mix of turkey and pork mince both so they fit in with the season but also to keep them low in fat and high in protein, with each little patty offering an 11g dose of muscle-building goodness.

English mini muffins with smoked salmon

These mini English muffins are perfect for party platters at Christmas or any time of year. The addition of crème fraiche and smoked salmon ups the protein and good fats content too. Alongside this video we also have a mini kitchen skills video: how to make your own piping bag using nothing more than a sheet of baking paper.

Elevated party pizzettas

 This party platter food is a great fun one to get the kids involved as it’s so simple to make these mini pizzas, packed with goodness and adaptable to any different tastes or dietary preferences.

Energy Balls - Elevated Premium Recipes

Elevated truffle energy balls

If you’re looking for a quick boost of energy or a healthy sweet treat over the Christmas period, we’ve got you covered with these simple, no-bake energy balls that are ready in a matter of minutes. Packed with antioxidants from the high-value chocolate, good fats from the chia seeds and with a sweet tang from the prunes, they’re great whether used as a post-gym boost or to round off a Christmas meal alongside your coffees.

Eggnog Smoothie - Elevated Premium Recipes

Fun, festive smoothies

James has also come up with a couple of new healthy smoothies for you thanks to these two Christmas smoothies that take his six-step recipe from last month and add in some festive flavours that are bound to make them your Christmas No.1 when it comes to upping your protein intake.

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