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All about aubergines (eggplants)

Let’s talk in this article about aubergines or eggplants, one of the most underrated vegetables we know of. A member of the nightshade family along with potatoes, bell peppers and tomatoes, it looks like a little like a giant egg hanging from a tree which is where it gets the name our American friends will know it by, the eggplant.

These are great sources of dietary fibre and a good source of vitamins B1 and B6, plus other minerals like copper and magnesium. We always recommend people eat a rainbow of vegetables to get a full range of antioxidants and obviously these are great when it comes to purple – but you have to leave the skins on.

That’s important as the purple skin contains a powerful antioxidant called nasunin that has been shown to have brain protective properties. Nasunin can also help remove excess iron in the body.

Some of their other benefits include the fact they are said to be able to help reduce cholesterol and potentially be good for heart health – which may explain why they are so prevalent in Mediterranean diets.

As above, it’s a member of the nightshade family and anecdotal information seems to indicate that removing nightshades can help with symptoms of arthritis but there are no scientific studies to prove that.

They also contain high amounts of a substance called oxylates that can be related to kidney stones which means if you have suffered from kidney stones you may want to eat them in moderation, but aside from that, these are a great addition to anyone’s diet.

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