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Thank you for your interest in Elevated Food For Life…we do hope you are enjoying the site.

Over in our Articles & News section, you can read, watch and listen to a whole host of content that can help you better understand some of the nutrition and lifestyle choices available to you.

These have been put together by the founders of Elevated: clinical nutritionist James Ellis and professional chef Jason Shaw who’ve combined their 50 year-plus experience in the health, nutrition and food sectors to create Elevated.

The pair have also used that knowledge to create a host of recipes that are designed to Elevate your eating to new heights from a nutrition perspective, as well as fulfil all the organoleptic qualities of food we enjoy so much: taste, texture, temperature, smell, visual delivery.

The Elevated recipes are not part of a fad diet – but simple, easy-to-make dishes that are tasty and nutrition-packed to make sure you fuel yourself in the best way possible. To ensure they can be enjoyed by as many people as possible, many of them are free from common allergens or are vegan/vegetarian. Best of all, they can be adapted to your own tastes – we offer recipes with tips along the way so you can change them how you like.

What do I get as a subscriber? 

  • At least four new recipes in both written form and with easy-to-follow accompanying videos that feature food tips from Jason and an explanation of the nutrition behind the dish from James
  • Access to our Brilliant Bases – recipes that can be used to create a host of nutrition-packed quick dishes throughout the week
  • Regular skills tips and masterclasses: learn to cook like a boss with tips and tricks Jason has picked up over the years from working with some of the biggest names in the business
  • Lifestyle tips and hacks
  • Access to our closed Facebook group where you can contact James and Jason direct and exchange ideas with each other. We also add additional recipes and kitchen tips to the group
  • Regular bonus content such as live online Q&As with Jason and James and surprise extra videos
  • All the non-subscriber content: access to our articles on nutrition and the I Am Elevated podcast

In the past, I’ve really struggled to find ways to make healthy food diverse and tasty, so the Elevated recipes have been fantastic. Most of all, I love watching my family eat food that I am certain is good for them because I know exactly what’s in it. Not only that, I’m beginning to learn which of the ingredients are good for specific needs; it’s like I’m cooking homemade, tasty medicine!

Vicki B

We’ve loved experimenting with new skills and using different ways to cook our Sunday roast, not to mention the ultimate homemade burgers. The Brilliant Bases are superb and mean tasty nutritious mid week meals can be rustled up in no time, with both vegetarians and meat eaters equally happy! A fantastic programme that works superbly for family cooking and will be great for entertaining friends too!

Helen Y

Elevate Your Health

Unlock Access to Hundreds of Recipes With Step-by-Step Video Instructions

Rather than just provide you with 100’s of delicious recipes, you get a whole lot more from Elevated. We are a nutrition focussed recipe subscription. This means all of the recipes we offer are absolutely packed with health-boosting ingredients that will help you live life better.