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Recipe: Vegan cassoulet

Dairy Free
Gluten Free
45 mins


Sometimes you need a relatively quick, wholesome, filling meal and this cassoulet – our vegan take on the traditional dish of Toulouse does just that.

As a base, it uses our nutrient packed Brilliant Bases Tomato Fondue and Vegetable stock – but if you’ve don’t have either of those made, feel free to sub in passata and a regular stock cube.

Protein comes from the vegan sausages. We try to avoid processed foods where possible, and we always feel if you are buying processed, it’s worth going with the best you can afford, so we sure to look for a good brand in the cold aisles.

  1. Pre-heat your oven to 180C/360F (fan) or 200C/390F(convection)
  2. Gently fry off the sausages in a deep oven-proof dish to seal
  3. Add the mushrooms and aubergine chunks and cook until brown and the steam stops rising
  4. Add all remaining ingredients except the nuts and cheese
  5. Stir and bring to the bubble, then remove from the heat
  6. Flatten the surface with a spoon or fork and sprinkle on the nuts and cheese
  7. Place in centre of your oven for 25-30 mins until the cheese is crispy and the dish bubbling
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8 vegan sausages (gluten free) 250g/9oz mushrooms 250g/9oz aubergines 800g/28oz haricot beans (two cans) 750g/26oz Elevated Tomato Fondue * 250g/9oz Elevated Veg Stock ** 5tsp chopped herbs thyme/oregano/rosemary 50g/1.8oz olive oil 2tsp salt 1tsp white pepper 50g/1.8oz chopped nuts 100g/4oz vegan low-melt cheese * Sub with passata ** Can sub with 250g/9oz water and 1 veg stock cube
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Nutrition per serving

Serves: 6-8
447 kcal
19g fats
40g carbs
24g protein

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