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Recipe: Thai red curry 3 ways

Dumbbell icon High Protein
Made with a Brilliant Base
25 mins


You can find a heap of Thai red curry packs on supermarket shelves these days. However good they are, just the fact they are packaged means an element of processing goes into them.

Our version uses fresh ingredients added to our equally fresh Aromatic Nage Brilliant Base to help you cook up a healthy, wholesome meal in minutes with little to no fuss.

By using the Nage, you’re removing oils and fats for frying to help reduce calorific intake, while the rapid cook of the red pepper followed by the gentle cook of the coconut milk, chicken and vegetables optimises each ingredient’s texture and succulence, while retaining all the vitamins and minerals.

Step 1: the sauce

  1. Add the Aromatic Nage to a pan and bring to boil
  2. Add the fine diced red pepper and put the lid on
  3. Simmer for two mins until peppers are tender
  4. Empty the coconut milk into the pan
  5. Bring back to simmer and add coriander leaves
  6. Immediately blitz with a stick blender or liquidiser


Step 2: the protein and veg

  1. Marinade 300g/11oz protein of choice in 2tbsp Aromatic Nage
  2. Warm the sauce in Step 1 to a simmer
  3. If using chicken add and poach for 5 mins. Check it is cooked through.
  4. Add the veg (and prawn/tofu if using instead of chicken) to the pan and simmer for 5-6 mins
  5. Check vegetables are crisp
  6. Serve with jasmine rice, quinoa or noodles
Jason making thai red curry
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200g/7oz Elevated Aromatic Nage 200g/7oz red peppers 300g/11oz chicken, prawns or tofu 4tsp red chillies (no seeds) 400g/14oz (1 can) coconut milk 30g/1oz fresh coriander 300g/11oz fresh veg (beans, baby corn etc)
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Nutrition per portion

Cutting up baby corn

300 kcal
53g fats
5g carbs
6g protein

Add (values per 100g)
Chicken: 165 kcal
Tofu: 86 kcal
Prawns: 115 kcal
Broccoli: 34 kcal
Mange tout: 33 kcal
Baby corn: 26 kcal

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