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Recipe: Saffron risotto

Gluten free
40 mins


This is an all-time favourite of Jason’s, adorning every restaurant menu he’s worked on. A timeless classic that cannot be rushed and short cut, he’s adapted the technique he learned back in the early 90s under Marco Pierre White at The Canteen, simplifying the process, yet delivering an outstandingly rich and flavoursome bowl of incredible texture.

From a nutritional point of view, Parmesan cheese is excellent for gut bacteria, while arborio rice has less carbs and more protein than other rices, while also providing around three times the amount of fibre as long-grain rice.

Fibre in food helps with hunger control, and getting more in your diet may lower your risk of heart disease, type 2 diabetes and obesity.

Saffron, meanwhile, is the most expensive spice in the world due to the intense labour needed to harvest it.

Revered in ancient Greece for its medicinal properties, people would eat saffron to enhance libido, boost mood, and improve memory. Today those ancient rituals are proving to be true with research showing it boast powerful antioxidants such as crocin and crocetin that are thought today to have antidepressant properties as they protect brain cells from inflammation. For this, it’s nicknamed the ‘sunshine spice’.

  1. Do NOT rinse the rice
  2. Pre-heat the stock
  3. Warm the olive oil a heavy bottom pan
  4. Add the fine diced shallots and rice
  5. Once the rice has turned translucent, add the garlic
  6. Add the white wine, white wine vinegar and the saffron, cook until a syrup forms
  7. Begin to feed in the stock one ladle at a time
  8. Stir constantly and gently, to help release the starches
  9. The rice needs to be al dente (to the tooth) firm at which point remove it from the heat
  10. Fold in the butter and parmesan and season
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500g/18oz arborio/carnaroli rice 1kg/35oz BB Bone Marrow Broth or Vegetable stock 150g/5oz Parmesan cheese 100g/4oz shallots 5tsp garlic 50g/1.8oz olive oil 2tsp butter 250g/9oz white wine 50g/1.8oz white wine vinegar 0.5tsp saffron 2tsp salt 1tsp white pepper
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Nutrition per portion

Serves 6

548 kcals
18g fats
83g carbs
14g protein

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