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Recipe: Elevated Celeriac remoulade

Low carb
10 mins


Celeriac is one of the most underrated vegetables. A close cousin of celery, this root vegetable has many nutritional benefits. Like all vegetables it’s high in fibre but also packed with vitamins and minerals.

Notably it’s a good source of vitamin K, needed for blood clotting and bone health. It also has high levels of vitamin C and fairly high levels of protein for a vegetable. One cup of celeriac provides around 3g of muscle building amino acids.

  1. Grate the celeriac
  2. Mix with the creamy Brilliant Base vegan creamy dressing
  3. Make this an hour or two before serving to allow it to relax
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100g/4oz grated celeriac 2-3 tbsp BB Creamy Dressing
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Nutrition per 100g

101 kcals
2g fat
16g carbs
3g protein

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