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Recipe: Our Elevated Caesar salad

Dairy free
Low carb
15 mins


Caesar Cardini invented this salad in the Prohibition era in his Tijuana restaurant. According to legend, the ingredients were purposefully chosen to mask the smell of alcohol for Americans before they went back Stateside so their indiscretions couldn’t be spotted by the police.

We’ve used our Elevated creamy dressing/marinade here to dress some lovely romaine or cos lettuce leaves and added some fabulous aged Parmesan which is now promoted by the Reggiano tourist board as being good for gut bacteria.

  1. Chop, wash and dry the lettuce
  2. Mix the BB Creamy Dressing with the Parmesan, pour over the lettuce and fold in
  3. Add croutons if using to the top and dust with parmesan shavings
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150g/5oz romaine lettuce per person 2 tbsp BB Creamy Dressing 1 tbsp grated parmesan croutons to taste
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Nutrition per portion

116 kcals
4g fat
11g carbs
9g protein

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