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Brilliant Base: Elevated BBQ sauce

Gluten free
Dairy free
30 mins


BBQ sauce wars are at the heart of the American South and there are real battles between the various states and, at times, in the same state for which has the best chin dribbling sauce for their meat. In North Carolina, it’s a vinegar-based sauce, in South Carolina, it’s all about the mustard and in Alabama, they have a white sauce based on mayo, vinegar and pepper.

Here at Elevated, we’ve gone for an unctuous, sticky, smoky sauce as our next Brilliant Base. It contains our BBQ rub with all the antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties we noted in the relevant video, and then is Elevated to new nutritional levels thanks to our Tomato Fondue and Bone Broth or Roast Root Vegetable stocks. This has to be tasted to be believed – make a large batch of it and keep it for months in an air-tight container in the fridge… if it lasts that long before you all tuck into it.

For additional flavour benefit, if cooking a joint low ‘n’ slow, then deglaze the tray/pan of its meat juices, naturally occurring fats and smoky liquids, using the BB Bone Marrow broth to really get every last bit of taste out of the cooking method and into the sticky sweet sauce!

  1. Heat a pan with oil and add the onions. Cook through for 10 mins or so until a deep caramel colour
  2. Add the spices and cook out for 3-4 more minutes
  3. Add the crushed smoked garlic and chillies
  4. Add the vinegar and sugar to the pan and reduce to a syrup
  5. Use the stock to de-glaze the smoking tray and add along with the BB Tomato Fondue to the onions in the pan pan
  6. Bring to the boil reduce and simmer for a few minutes
  7. Add the coriander then liquidise or stick blend
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500g/18oz BB Tomato Fondue 250g/9oz diced onions 200g/7oz BB Bone Marrow Broth or veg stock 150g/5oz dark muscovado sugar 100g/4oz Elevated house rub 100g/4oz apple cider vinegar 50g/1.8oz smoked garlic 50g/1.8oz chopped chillies (no seeds) 50g/1.8oz smoked paprika 5tsp coriander leaf 5tsp oil or dripping
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Nutrition per 100g

BBQ sauce recipe

190 kcal
1.5 g fat
40g carbs
3g protein

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