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IBS Safe Recipes

This month, our new dishes contain all our usual elements: tasty, simple to prepare, packed with nutrition and full of anti-inflammatory ingredients. But this time we’ve added an extra layer in, by reducing the common ingredients that cause flare-ups of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS).

To do that, we’ve removed a common category of carbohydrates called FODMAPs that can cause bloating and upset tummies in some people. You can read more about how that works and find out which foods are high and low in FODMAPs in an article James has penned on the site here.

When it comes to the recipes for this month, this is what our Premium Subscribers are tucking into.

Flaxseed and cumin crusted lamb cutlets

Our flaxseed and cumin crusted lamb cutlets (pictured above) is a delicious dish that can provide numerous health benefits, particularly for those with IBS. Flaxseeds are an excellent source of dietary fibre, which can help improve digestion and promote regularity, while cumin has been shown to have anti-inflammatory properties that may help alleviate IBS symptoms.

We are serving those here with our sweet potato wedges, simple green beans, and our Elevated raita to provide a complete meal in a dish that is not only nutritious, but also incredibly simple to prepare, making it a perfect option for busy weeknights.

To give you subscribers full flexibility, we’ve split the dish into four different videos, so if they want to make the whole thing they can, or they can see the separate elements in separate videos.

Crab, tomato and green bean tian - Elevated Premium Recipes & Cooking Tips

Crab, tomato and green bean tian

 In this dish, we are taking gorgeous 50:50 crab meat (that’s half white/half dark) and letting it down lightly with gut-friendly yoghurt to create a tian with tomatoes and green beans. Here the beans are FODMAPs friendly and we’ve removed the seeds and skins from the tomatoes to make them more easily digestible while retaining the key nutritional values of the tomatoes.

Don’t think you have to buy, cook and de-shell a crab yourself either. A good fishmonger or deli counter will easily have 50:50 meat available to buy and that meat is both a great source of protein and omega-3 fatty acids, which can help support heart health and brain function.

Oat, pine nut and coconut flapjacks - Elevated Premium Recipes & Cooking Tips

Oat, pine nut and coconut flapjacks

Sweet tooth? Try these super healthy and super quick oat, pine nut, and coconut flapjacks, perfect for an energy boost and packed with ingredients that support digestive health. Oats in particular are a great choice for anyone with IBS as they contain a type of fibre called betaglucans, which can help reduce inflammation in the gut and improve bowel function.

Kitchen skill: how to brine a chicken

In our March Q&A Mark White of Leeds asked us about brining, a technique that can enhance the moisture and flavour of chicken. In this quick skills video, Jason shows how to put a brining liquor together and how to go about the process. Once you’ve had a pre-brined chicken, you may well never go back to your old way of cooking one.

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