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New to Elevated for February 2024

Gosh – we are in February already… we’ve not even got used to writing 2024 down and we’re already a month in.

Following last month’s Fuller For Longer recipes, we’re keeping up the New Year health kick this month with our Vegan Valentine’s menu: a main course and a dessert that can be pre-made in advance and re-warmed together in the oven so you can spend time with a loved one or friend.

As ever, the dishes we’ve come up with are easy to make, won’t take up too much time and taste delicious while being brilliantly health-giving…

Our vegan menu is not just for Valentine’s either. You can, of course, have it at any time of year and you don’t have to pair the recipes together.

Mushroom and aubergine tagine with jewelled couscous

First up then is our main course. Inspired by North African cuisine, the dish tagine takes its name from the conical clay pot which is used to slow-cook hardworking meat from lamb or game – as such the process is normally a slow one. Here we’ve used mushrooms, aubergine and peppers, cooking them out first in a frying pan to generate depth of flavour, colour and richness to this wonderful sweet sour spiced stew.

We’re serving it with a jewelled couscous, where the ‘jewels’ come from pomegranate seeds. Low in calories, and fat but high in fibre, vitamins, and minerals, many with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

Coconut rice pudding with pineapple salsa

 In this recipe we present a vegan alternative to a traditional rice pudding, absolutely packed with flavour and good fats and served with a delightful pineapple salsa to cut through the creaminess.

It’s so simple, we could not have made this one any easier and if you cook the dish as part of date night with our accompanying vegan tagine from above, you can make savings on fuel by finishing this one in the already warmed oven while you eat the main course.

The pineapple salsa can be used in all sorts of other recipes, so as well as showing you the technique in the main video, we’ve also separated it out into a recipe of its own. Not sure how to prep your pineapple? Don’t worry, Jason has recorded a Skills Tip video to how you how.

Two new smoothie recipes

Our arsenal of protein-packed smoothies continues to grow with these two new tasty treats: Cinnamon and Apple on the left and Pineapple and Coconut on the right. We particularly like the latter – it’s like a posh pina colada, without the headaches 🙂

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